My Christmas wish.

For those of you who have read ‘Gone But Not Missed’, you’ll know about Craig’s Christmas wish. (For those of you who haven’t read the series, now is a good time to start. The 7th book was released earlier this month! Gone series )

A Christmas wish was not a thing I had heard of before writing the book. Now I see it more often. So, this year, I made a Christmas wish and it was granted!


A new furry edition to the family!

I wish you and yours a happy holiday season.


(One more plug— Do you love dogs? and Christmas? Then you’ll love ‘Saving Ferris’ Saving Ferris )

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Today is the last day GBNM is on sale, ebook 99cents.

Happy Reading,






Happy Birthday Nathan! (& Mike Piazza)

Happy Birthday to my main character, Nathan Miccoli! I was reminded of the birthday this morning by a friend, who also shares the birthday. So, Happy Birthday Michael too!

Nathan shares his birthday with baseball Hall of Famer, Mike Piazza. Coincidence?

Doubt it:)

For the Nathan Miccoli Mystery fans, here’s the cover for the latest installment.

Gone But Not Free, available later this month!


Have a great long weekend!


It’s the happiest day of the year!

It’s Opening Day of baseball!!!

Last April, I had little excitement (translation – hope) for my team, The Mets. Boy, was I wrong! After winning the NL East, they went on to win the pennant. It’s been a long time since I could wear my blue and orange proudly. (I mean, I still wore Mets gear fairly constantly but it’s been a long time since I could do it without fear of being mocked.)

So, thank you to the 2015 Mets for making it a great season.

And, here’s to the 2016 Mets!

(Just be glad I didn’t go on a rant about how Opening Day’s first pitch should start in Cincinnati.)

In celebration of the Opening Week of baseball, all books in the Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series will be on sale this week. Some titles will even be free this week!


The Hard Sell

A couple weeks ago, I went to a salon to get my hair done. (It’s not my usual place so I hope they’re not reading this:) But truthfully, my usual place is much nicer.  Whenever I walk in there, sometimes very early for an appointment, I’m met with smiles and a personal greeting.

But, I was in this place’s spa, had a coupon, so decided to get my hair done. All I wanted was to get my hair blown out.  That’s all I wanted. When I initially met the hairstylist, she tried to up sell me on several treatments. I repeated I just wanted my hair blown out. After my hair was washed, I was faced with another series of questions–how did I want my hair done and was presented with three options (that to me all sounded the same.) My reply–I don’t care. I was then presented with every product for purchase that was used on my hair, was told about the range of services they had, and was told how I could have a consultation with a colorist (Thank you young lady for pointing out the gray hair. I know it’s there.) By the time I left I was exhausted.  I should have just done my own hair:)

Does the hard sell work? Doesn’t work for me. All they did was make me nervous. It reminded me why I don’t go there anymore. (If the hard sell works on you, BUY MY BOOKS NOW!).

But for the rest of you, why don’t you read my books? I was told today that ‘Gone But Not Missed’ is “addictive.” As someone who gets lost in a good book, I can appreciate that. (I still want to marry Sirius Black…and Roland Deschain…They’re in alternate universes so it could work. I bet The Doctor–another fictional crush I have… in all of his last five (numbered) personas–could help me with that… sorry that sentence got away from me…)  That is an unusual list of fictional men to have crushes on…it may explain why I’m single.

Speaking of crushes, I don’t think anyone has ever said that about main character, Nathan Miccoli. That’s a shame–He’s quite handsome. On Monday, a fan of the series told me ‘how clueless’ Nathan is.

Happy Holidays & remember to fill up that new Kindle/iPad/whatever with The Nathan Miccoli Mystery series. Or give one of the books (or the whole series) as a gift!

All five books (& a cookbook! with other writers) are available at

Quotes from the last few weeks — from me & others–


“Let me know if you see Nathan [Miccoli] anywhere.”

“The schnauzers! They will all survive.”

(No schnauzers were harmed during that quote.)



Points to anyone who got the quote from my favorite Doctor Who episode, Blink.  🙂

Happy Holidays from my perfect schnauzer, H!



A book recommendation…

My best quote of the week — “So what I’m hearing is, you want me to get electrocuted.”

I just read Stephen King’s Bazaar of Bad Dreams, a collection of short stories. If you’re a fan of Stephen King, go get it now. It’s a great read. My favorite story is ‘The Dunes’. If you read it, you’ll know why. (No spoilers here!)

Before each story, King wrote a little bit about what prompted the story. Prior to one of the stories, he talked about his favorite horror movies from his childhood. That got me thinking about my favorite horror movies from my childhood.  This should come as no surprise that I watched a lot of horror movies as a child. But I think you will be surprised by my favorites. (And when I say favorite, I mean the ones that scared the bejeezus out of me!) All are movies I’ve only seen once…I think once is all I could take!

There are three that always spring to mind. One is a classic — Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. For years, I was terrified of birds. A trip to the Galapagos a couple years ago has tapered that fear.

Another is ‘Tourist Trap’. I don’t know how old I was when I watched it on TV. You can watch the trailer on Youtube. I still clearly remember the ending, that’s how much the movie stuck with me.

But the worst one was “Don’t go to sleep.” For many years I didn’t know the title and didn’t want to know the title. I never want to see it again. But, I googled it after reading King’s book. It’s actually a TV movie. It explains my fear of pizza cutters, why my heart skips a beat when I see a frisbee on a roof, and why I shake my head if I see someone has a radio in a bathroom. I have no desire to see this movie ever again. And no, it’s not because I’m afraid that it will scare me. It’s because I’m afraid it won’t!  Have I wasted years of my life being afraid of pizza cutters running up a bannister because of a lame TV movie?

If you like short stories, check out my friend, Alex McGuigan. She has a collection of short stories that will make you reconsider blowing out a birthday candle and going on honeymoon in Ireland.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Need a little holiday reading….All the ebooks in The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series are on sale now, 99cents. And I do mean all of them…



Many things about my writing — the process or the writing itself– can not be explained.

But, for some reason, my books seem to start around holidays.

Gone But Not Missed – started on Valentine’s Day.

Gone But Not Goodbye – opens on Christmas.

Gone But Not Healed – Thanksgiving has a big event (Ok, this one’s a stretch…but it’s within the first few pages:)

Gone But Not Together – starts 4th of July weekend.

So in honor of the Fourth, all 4 books of the Nathan Miccoli are on sale for 99cents.  Perfect for reading at the beach, at the pool, wherever you’re spending your three day weekend.




Need a date for Valentine’s Day? Make one with Nathan

Nathan?, you ask.  From The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series.  Yes, he’s fictional, but aren’t all the good ones?

No exciting plans for the holiday weekend?  (And when I say holiday I mean Valentine’s Day not President’s Day Weekend:)

Make a date with The Nathan Miccoli Series…All 3 books on sale this weekend!  All 3 are 99cents each today in honor of a holiday sure to go wrong (or is that just for me?  And Lily?)

It all started on Valentine’s Day….

Lillian Brannon wakes up on Valentine’s Day in an exact replica of her bedroom but the only item that she believes is authentic is her dog, Laude.  She is held captive in her kidnapper’s basement apartment, summoned upstairs once a week for a chaste dinner.  But will his kindness last, and more importantly, why isn’t anyone looking for her?   Lillian’s story is interwoven with that of Nathan, a NYPD officer, who is intrigued by Lillian’s disappearance- how can a young woman be gone for two weeks before a Missing Person Report is filed? Local police believe Lillian has voluntarily abandoned a life she didn’t like.  Lillian’s best friend convinces Nathan the authorities are wrong. With no jurisdiction, no resources, and no witnesses, he is compelled by the pictures of Lillian with her sweet smile and sparkling green eyes to obsessively take up the case.  Armed with Lillian’s keys and personal information, he spends hours, then days in her home trying to find clues that will lead him to her.

Link to sale….

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