Dec 2, 2008 – Remembering my pup

On this date, ten years ago, at 5:30pm, my dog L died. She was my beauty, my best friend, my constant companion. And she is an inspiration for Laude, Lily’s dog in the Nathan Miccoli Mystery series.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what Laude looked like, here she is.


I remember the exact moment of her death so clearly, even this many years later. I was watching the Gilmore Girls, an episode where they had a funeral for a neighbor’s cat.

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years. But, I’ve kept L alive through Laude.

As I complete final edits of Gone But Not Over, I’m reminded that K, the dog I had a child, also a schnauzer, has become a part of Laude. Her interactions with Lily’s and Nathan’s baby are based on stories my mother told me about K and me as a baby.

As I face my first Christmas without H, I recall Christmas 2008, just weeks after L’s death. It was the saddest Christmas I’ve ever had. But H, a pup who never missed a meal, stayed at my side throughout the day, even as my mother prepared dinner.

Dogs are a part of my family. And this Christmas, a big part of our family is gone. H is missed terribly, and even ten years later so is L.

Maybe another schnauzer will join the Kennedy clan in 2019. Time will tell.

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