Are you on Bookbub?

If you are on Bookbub, recommend my new release, Saving Ferris!

I received this email today from Bookbub–

Hi there,

Are there any new books you’re excited about this fall? If you recommend a recent release (any book coming out between September and November) on BookBub before October 15, your recommendation will be eligible to be included in our upcoming blog post, “Fall Books Recommended by Authors.”

Share a recommendation

As a reminder, any books you recommend will be seen by your followers on their feeds on and in their weekly book recommendation roundup emails. Recommending books you love is a great way to engage with your fans, and if your recommendation is selected for the blog post, you could get exposure to a whole new audience of readers, too!

We can’t wait to see what you recommend!

Best wishes,

The BookBub Partners Team


If you’re not on Bookbub, sign up now! They promote some great sales from new and established authors. When I ran a promotion with them a few years ago for Gone But Not Missed, the free book was downloaded over 58,000 (!) times. It also led to hundreds of sales. So it’s good for readers and authors!

After you sign up, recommend Saving Ferris!