It’s coming…

I’m back from the 10th Writers’ Police Academy, held in Green Bay Wisconsin. I’m always faced with challenges there. Do I attend ‘Back from the dead’ taught by Dr. Lofland or ‘Truth or Lies: The Art of Interrogation’ taught by Paul Bishop? Or ‘Behavioral Clues at Crime Scenes’ taught by Dr. Ramsland or ‘Constitutional Law: Traffic Stops’ led by Judge Rathburn? There are classes on undercover work, car fires, human trafficking, bloodstain pattern/spatter investigation and the list goes on and on.  ‘Car fire’ sounds interesting….I won’t say why.  If mystery writers write about it, there’s a class on it at the Writers’ Police Academy.  Thank you to Lee Lofland and the many volunteers for organizing another educational and fun event. Thank you to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and their staff for hosting the event again.

Needless to say, I’m ready to write. Are you ready to read?

The next novel in the Nathan Miccoli mystery series is coming….but there’s another book to be published first.

A legal thriller. Available at the end of September.

Check back for more information soon! Including the title and cover reveal!

Happy Reading!