The Golden Donut Winner

I’m pleased to announce I won the Writers’ Police Academy Golden Donut Short Story contest. The challenge – write a story about the photograph below using exactly 200 words, including the title.


Hide and Seek…

“Found!” Bryce yelled.

“Time to go!” their father hollered. “No more of your games. The tour starts in thirty.” The trio headed to the penitentiary. “I must be some big shot to get us on the first tour ever.”

The boys marveled at the old, now closed, jail. All the places they could hide. All the hours they could play.

The tour guide prattled on about the jail’s history, its famous inmates and one inmate never found. Convicted murderer Oliver Seaver. “Escaped, dead, or still here? We do not know.”

Reign and Bryce trailed behind, bored.

The guide continued, “Some say they still see him wandering the halls.” He cackled, scaring no one. “Is it his ghost? Or is he still here?”

“Hide and seek?” Bryce whispered.

Reign nodded and started to count. “Ten…nine…”

Bryce hid under a bed and waited. He heard Reign’s calls. And he remained hidden.

He heard his father’s calls. And he remained hidden.

Bryce heard the jingle of keys and the cell door closed. The lights shut off.

The museum closed for the night.

Leaving Bryce still hidden under the bed.

And then he was found.

But not by his brother.


Thank you to Craig Johnson, author of the Longmire series, for choosing my story.


Thank you to Lee Lofland, for organizing another educational, fun and well run event.

Writers– BUY his book.  It’s a great resource.


Thank you to Linda Lovely & Howard, WPA volunteers, who presented me with the award on Sunday morning.

Readers– BUY her book.


Someone in the crowd asked where I was during the Saturday night banquet, when the winner was announced.


Listening to the Mets game of course.