Notes for my standup career

It’s been a while. Not for lack of material.

From work —

“You are a pain in the ass.”
“Sign for what’s her name.”–from someone who’s known me for over 6 months.

“The only pain I have is you.”

“You’ll have to wear a hazmat like suit to visit that patient.”

Book related —

After reading the tagline for the next book, “Whoa” & “What?!?!? Now I’m going crazy.” from beta readers.

“I heard a NPR report on why you shouldn’t buy flowers at convenience stores. I thought of you.” No bodega roses, people!

“Its my favorite series that has not been made into a feature film worth over a billion dollars.”

“I wait for the new release the same as I did for Harry [Potter] at midnight.”

The Nathan Miccoli series is on sale for Feb 29th.

So ladies, instead of proposing to a man this February 29th, read Gone But Not Missed. Some ‘Gone But Not…” fans wouldn’t marry Nathan, but I love him:)




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