The Hard Sell

A couple weeks ago, I went to a salon to get my hair done. (It’s not my usual place so I hope they’re not reading this:) But truthfully, my usual place is much nicer.  Whenever I walk in there, sometimes very early for an appointment, I’m met with smiles and a personal greeting.

But, I was in this place’s spa, had a coupon, so decided to get my hair done. All I wanted was to get my hair blown out.  That’s all I wanted. When I initially met the hairstylist, she tried to up sell me on several treatments. I repeated I just wanted my hair blown out. After my hair was washed, I was faced with another series of questions–how did I want my hair done and was presented with three options (that to me all sounded the same.) My reply–I don’t care. I was then presented with every product for purchase that was used on my hair, was told about the range of services they had, and was told how I could have a consultation with a colorist (Thank you young lady for pointing out the gray hair. I know it’s there.) By the time I left I was exhausted.  I should have just done my own hair:)

Does the hard sell work? Doesn’t work for me. All they did was make me nervous. It reminded me why I don’t go there anymore. (If the hard sell works on you, BUY MY BOOKS NOW!).

But for the rest of you, why don’t you read my books? I was told today that ‘Gone But Not Missed’ is “addictive.” As someone who gets lost in a good book, I can appreciate that. (I still want to marry Sirius Black…and Roland Deschain…They’re in alternate universes so it could work. I bet The Doctor–another fictional crush I have… in all of his last five (numbered) personas–could help me with that… sorry that sentence got away from me…)  That is an unusual list of fictional men to have crushes on…it may explain why I’m single.

Speaking of crushes, I don’t think anyone has ever said that about main character, Nathan Miccoli. That’s a shame–He’s quite handsome. On Monday, a fan of the series told me ‘how clueless’ Nathan is.

Happy Holidays & remember to fill up that new Kindle/iPad/whatever with The Nathan Miccoli Mystery series. Or give one of the books (or the whole series) as a gift!

All five books (& a cookbook! with other writers) are available at

Quotes from the last few weeks — from me & others–


“Let me know if you see Nathan [Miccoli] anywhere.”

“The schnauzers! They will all survive.”

(No schnauzers were harmed during that quote.)



Points to anyone who got the quote from my favorite Doctor Who episode, Blink.  🙂

Happy Holidays from my perfect schnauzer, H!