So this happened over the weekend…

Best quote of the weekend — “Well, I’d rather be considered weird and polite than weird and rude.”

For research for my next novel, (no, not the next Nathan Miccoli Mystery), I attended a Doctor Who Convention. As part of my package, I was invited to Paul McGann’s birthday party. You should get a gift for someone’s birthday, right? Even if you’ve never met him & don’t know anything about him (except he’s British, incredibly handsome, & played the 8th Doctor)?

I decided yes. And I wouldn’t have this incredible picture if I hadn’t!


He was genuinely pleased. He told me I was raised right and hugged and kissed me! (If I concentrate, I can still feel his scruff against my right cheek and smell his lovely scent as he leaned in to kiss me on my cheek. And yes, I have washed my face since then…although I did consider not doing so:)

But seriously, this is my new favorite picture of me! (Sorry Mike Piazza:)

So, that was without a doubt the highlight of my weekend:)

Happy Reading!



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