My favorite question to be asked ….

My favorite question to be asked is “When is your next book coming out?”

It’s far better than “How old are you?”, “Why aren’t you married?”, and “Why are you a Mets fan?”, which are questions I get far more frequently.

So the answer to my favorite question –NEXT MONTH.  Yes, I think I said that last month too but this time I mean it. Book 5, a novella, Gone But Not Calm, is currently getting a final read through by my editor.

Due to the Mets unexpected run to the World Series. the release was delayed. Being a fan is exhausting! For non-fans, you probably think you go to the game, you sit and watch the game and that’s it, but no. You get to the game hours before first pitch, you might have to walk over a mile to the stadium from your parking spot (Not Kidding), you stand for every two strike pitch your pitcher throws, you jump up and down when your team scores, and you root for your guys every inning. Basically, when I went to the Mets playoff games (and I went to every game at Citi!), I was out of my home for at least 8 hours, returning exhausted, with a limited voice and in a mood dependent on the outcome! (Everyone told me to have a good time at the games. My standard reply– “Only if they win.”– which is true.)

Congratulations again to My National League Champion Mets, who have made the question “Why are you a Mets fan?” a more infrequent question.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK — These are my pet snails, ******* & ******. (Names have been redacted to protect the crazy.)

Have a great Thursday!




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