A book recommendation…

My best quote of the week — “So what I’m hearing is, you want me to get electrocuted.”

I just read Stephen King’s Bazaar of Bad Dreams, a collection of short stories. If you’re a fan of Stephen King, go get it now. It’s a great read. My favorite story is ‘The Dunes’. If you read it, you’ll know why. (No spoilers here!)

Before each story, King wrote a little bit about what prompted the story. Prior to one of the stories, he talked about his favorite horror movies from his childhood. That got me thinking about my favorite horror movies from my childhood.  This should come as no surprise that I watched a lot of horror movies as a child. But I think you will be surprised by my favorites. (And when I say favorite, I mean the ones that scared the bejeezus out of me!) All are movies I’ve only seen once…I think once is all I could take!

There are three that always spring to mind. One is a classic — Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. For years, I was terrified of birds. A trip to the Galapagos a couple years ago has tapered that fear.

Another is ‘Tourist Trap’. I don’t know how old I was when I watched it on TV. You can watch the trailer on Youtube. I still clearly remember the ending, that’s how much the movie stuck with me.

But the worst one was “Don’t go to sleep.” For many years I didn’t know the title and didn’t want to know the title. I never want to see it again. But, I googled it after reading King’s book. It’s actually a TV movie. It explains my fear of pizza cutters, why my heart skips a beat when I see a frisbee on a roof, and why I shake my head if I see someone has a radio in a bathroom. I have no desire to see this movie ever again. And no, it’s not because I’m afraid that it will scare me. It’s because I’m afraid it won’t!  Have I wasted years of my life being afraid of pizza cutters running up a bannister because of a lame TV movie?

If you like short stories, check out my friend, Alex McGuigan. She has a collection of short stories that will make you reconsider blowing out a birthday candle and going on honeymoon in Ireland.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Need a little holiday reading….All the ebooks in The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series are on sale now, 99cents. And I do mean all of them…



So this happened over the weekend…

Best quote of the weekend — “Well, I’d rather be considered weird and polite than weird and rude.”

For research for my next novel, (no, not the next Nathan Miccoli Mystery), I attended a Doctor Who Convention. As part of my package, I was invited to Paul McGann’s birthday party. You should get a gift for someone’s birthday, right? Even if you’ve never met him & don’t know anything about him (except he’s British, incredibly handsome, & played the 8th Doctor)?

I decided yes. And I wouldn’t have this incredible picture if I hadn’t!


He was genuinely pleased. He told me I was raised right and hugged and kissed me! (If I concentrate, I can still feel his scruff against my right cheek and smell his lovely scent as he leaned in to kiss me on my cheek. And yes, I have washed my face since then…although I did consider not doing so:)

But seriously, this is my new favorite picture of me! (Sorry Mike Piazza:)

So, that was without a doubt the highlight of my weekend:)

Happy Reading!


My favorite question to be asked ….

My favorite question to be asked is “When is your next book coming out?”

It’s far better than “How old are you?”, “Why aren’t you married?”, and “Why are you a Mets fan?”, which are questions I get far more frequently.

So the answer to my favorite question –NEXT MONTH.  Yes, I think I said that last month too but this time I mean it. Book 5, a novella, Gone But Not Calm, is currently getting a final read through by my editor.

Due to the Mets unexpected run to the World Series. the release was delayed. Being a fan is exhausting! For non-fans, you probably think you go to the game, you sit and watch the game and that’s it, but no. You get to the game hours before first pitch, you might have to walk over a mile to the stadium from your parking spot (Not Kidding), you stand for every two strike pitch your pitcher throws, you jump up and down when your team scores, and you root for your guys every inning. Basically, when I went to the Mets playoff games (and I went to every game at Citi!), I was out of my home for at least 8 hours, returning exhausted, with a limited voice and in a mood dependent on the outcome! (Everyone told me to have a good time at the games. My standard reply– “Only if they win.”– which is true.)

Congratulations again to My National League Champion Mets, who have made the question “Why are you a Mets fan?” a more infrequent question.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK — These are my pet snails, ******* & ******. (Names have been redacted to protect the crazy.)

Have a great Thursday!