The tackle heard round the world

I’ve been a baseball fan since I was 4. I don’t know what drew me in but it did. I met someone recently who was blown away by me being a self-taught baseball fan.

I’m not sure when I first heard the story of “The Shot Heard Round the World” but I know my mother told it to me. A warning– under no circumstances are you to bash in a TV if things go south for your team. These words have rung through my head through many a game. And I have never done it. I may have thrown a pillow. I may have yelled and screamed. But I have never destroyed a TV.

These were not random words from my mother. Her birthday is October 3 and on one of her childhood birthdays was The Shot Heard Round the World.

Her sister–a die hard Dodger fan–was so angry about the home run and the loss and ‘The Giants won the pennant’– that yep, you guessed it, she destroyed a TV.  For my Nana, a widow with two young children, a TV was an indulgence.  Her daughter destroying it over a home run an outrage. To say my mother’s birthday was ruined is an understatement.

So, I was told, from an early age, don’t bash in a TV.

These words repeated in my head many times in the last 30+ hours. To say I’m still mad is an understatement. A friend used the word ‘seething’ and that’s still pretty accurate. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t ask me, google it. If you ask me, I will go off on a tirade like no other about Rule 5.09, the neighborhood play, Chase Utley, MLB Umpires, Joe Torre, and more. You will quickly regret the question.)

Fortunately, the next two games I’ll be at Citi Field to cheer on my Mets.

My TV is safe.

LGM — BEAT LA (Don’t worry I  don’t mean that literally. Just win, Mets.)

And a Happy Harvey Day to all!



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