Notes for the Standup routine

Things I’ve said this week–

“No, I’m not here to kill you.”

“Hello? Hello? I’m locked in the bathroom.  Can you help get me out?”

(At least it wasn’t a mens’ room, which my friend Gina will tell you is somewhere I walk into more often than most.)

On another note, but equally funny, I’m a sucker for an online quiz. It’s how I confirmed I’m in Ravenclaw House (Harry Potter; Yes, I am clever, witty, and intelligent), that I’m the First Doctor (Doctor Who; Yes, I have incredibly high standards and there is a spark in my eye!), and I’m most like current companion, Clara (again, Doctor Who; Yes, I am good with children and clever).  For just a minute or two of answering questions, you usually get a fun answer.

But this week, I’ve gotten some disturbing quiz results. has several and we know how I love all things baseball. One told me I should cheer for the Dodgers (that’s ominous). Another told me I’m most like Yoenis Cespedes (that’s odd). Out of the young superstars, I’m most like Jacob deGrom (C’mon! He has much better hair).

Have a great playoff week! And I hope your team wins!

Unless it’s the Dodgers–then I’m with David Wright who said it best-“LET”S BEAT LA!”



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