Notes for my standup routine –Baseball addition

Anyone who reads this blog, or has ever met me, knows I am a Mets fan. And today, I could not be happier.

If you had told me on July 30 (probably the worst Mets loss of the year), that the Mets would win the National League, I would have said you were crazy.  If you had said Daniel Murphy would be the MVP of the NLCS, I would have escorted you to a hospital. Full credit to my friend Bill, who said in 2012 that 2015 would be our year. (With the help of truth serum, I think even he would admit he didn’t always believe that would happen.)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had friends, co-workers and patients tell me “Congratulations” when the Mets won, more than one has told me that they pray for the Mets (a prayer for my sanity I’m sure), and how happy they are for me. I’ve been stopped by numerous neighbors to tell me how happy I must be.  More than one person has said when they see anything Mets, they think of me.

A few weeks back, a friend emailed me a tweet from Emmy Rossum (I have no idea who that is) that rings true — “I love how when the Mets win a game, I feel like I accomplished something.” It’s true! I do! I’m going to the World Series. (Literally I am. I have tickets to all the home games :).

So to celebrate the Mets and all things baseball, here are some recent things said to me regarding (or when talking about) baseball.

“You must be some beer drinker.”  Yes the Mets would drive someone to drink.

“Can I take a picture with you and your scorebook? I’m going to use it to get out of class.”

“You’re old fashioned.”

“You’re old school.”

“I thought you painted your face to go to games.”

“I’ll try to keep my girth away from you.”

“He’s Catwoman, not Batman.”

“Pleas tell A that if she sees me, don’t throw tomatoes.”

And only a conversation a Mets fan would understand: Friend texts- “Who’d you sit next to at the game last night?”

My reply — “Thor.”

Bob Murphy said it best in 1986 “The dream has come true.”

Happy Reading!

& most importantly, LET”S GO METS!!!


The tackle heard round the world

I’ve been a baseball fan since I was 4. I don’t know what drew me in but it did. I met someone recently who was blown away by me being a self-taught baseball fan.

I’m not sure when I first heard the story of “The Shot Heard Round the World” but I know my mother told it to me. A warning– under no circumstances are you to bash in a TV if things go south for your team. These words have rung through my head through many a game. And I have never done it. I may have thrown a pillow. I may have yelled and screamed. But I have never destroyed a TV.

These were not random words from my mother. Her birthday is October 3 and on one of her childhood birthdays was The Shot Heard Round the World.

Her sister–a die hard Dodger fan–was so angry about the home run and the loss and ‘The Giants won the pennant’– that yep, you guessed it, she destroyed a TV.  For my Nana, a widow with two young children, a TV was an indulgence.  Her daughter destroying it over a home run an outrage. To say my mother’s birthday was ruined is an understatement.

So, I was told, from an early age, don’t bash in a TV.

These words repeated in my head many times in the last 30+ hours. To say I’m still mad is an understatement. A friend used the word ‘seething’ and that’s still pretty accurate. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t ask me, google it. If you ask me, I will go off on a tirade like no other about Rule 5.09, the neighborhood play, Chase Utley, MLB Umpires, Joe Torre, and more. You will quickly regret the question.)

Fortunately, the next two games I’ll be at Citi Field to cheer on my Mets.

My TV is safe.

LGM — BEAT LA (Don’t worry I  don’t mean that literally. Just win, Mets.)

And a Happy Harvey Day to all!


Notes for the Standup routine

Things I’ve said this week–

“No, I’m not here to kill you.”

“Hello? Hello? I’m locked in the bathroom.  Can you help get me out?”

(At least it wasn’t a mens’ room, which my friend Gina will tell you is somewhere I walk into more often than most.)

On another note, but equally funny, I’m a sucker for an online quiz. It’s how I confirmed I’m in Ravenclaw House (Harry Potter; Yes, I am clever, witty, and intelligent), that I’m the First Doctor (Doctor Who; Yes, I have incredibly high standards and there is a spark in my eye!), and I’m most like current companion, Clara (again, Doctor Who; Yes, I am good with children and clever).  For just a minute or two of answering questions, you usually get a fun answer.

But this week, I’ve gotten some disturbing quiz results. has several and we know how I love all things baseball. One told me I should cheer for the Dodgers (that’s ominous). Another told me I’m most like Yoenis Cespedes (that’s odd). Out of the young superstars, I’m most like Jacob deGrom (C’mon! He has much better hair).

Have a great playoff week! And I hope your team wins!

Unless it’s the Dodgers–then I’m with David Wright who said it best-“LET”S BEAT LA!”