Notes for my stand up routine

It’s been a busy few weeks with my mom and I meeting (or being very close to) people we love. For me, the obvious, Mike Piazza & for my mom, Pope Francis. And MY METS clinching NL EAST! I’ve been remiss in posting some notable quotes.

Things I’ve uttered —

“It’s not the Holy Spirit. It’s a sign of our impending death.”

“Yep, being single is a bit tricky.”

“We’re here to see the Pope people! Where’s the Christian attitude?”

Things said to me–

“A dullard maybe. But you’re not an idiot.”

“I would definitely have gone with saved with a blow up sex doll.”

“Oh, I know what you’re doing. But yeah, everyone else thinks you’re crazy.”

“Did you survive???” (Please note I wanted to answer, “No. I’m dead but I’m getting excellent cell service.”)

“You have beautiful hair.” (I think this is the one and only time I have heard this in my life.)

Have a great week.

Happy Reading!



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