Because I know you’re wondering…

Last week I posted a blog asking what I should ask Mike Piazza when I met him at a CitiPass event. I didn’t really think I’d have any chance to talk to him. Boy, was I wrong! I spoke to him for about 5 minutes, with two other ladies. He commented how I have the same name as his wife (I did not say I knew this) and we both commiserated about having lived in Philadelphia. (Sadly, when he asked me where I lived in Philadelphia, I couldn’t remember any of them! Mike–if you’re reading this, I lived in Elkins Park, Sharon Hill, King of Prussia, Main Line, & in Philadelphia itself, by the airport).  Maybe it’s best I didn’t say all of them…I sound like a gypsy.

The event was Amazin’! I told him about the large painting of him that hangs in my home and he signed a photo of it that I brought with me.

What is more amazin’ is the photo of me and Mike!


Come on! That’s a great photo. It may be my favorite photo EVER. And it may be printed in poster size sometime soon.

The return of ‘Notes for my stand up routine’, formerly known as ‘Quotes of the Week’ returns next week. And I’ve got a few doozies! The Pope & sex toys will be mentioned. Don’t worry — it’s not in the same quote.

Happy Reading!



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