What should I say when I meet Mike Piazza?

This isn’t a hypothetical question! On Thursday, I will be dining with Mike Piazza!

Fine…full disclosure…me and who knows how many other people, who doled out a reasonable sum, will be dining with Mike Piazza at the CitiPass event–ESPN’s Legend Series hosted by Michael Kay & Don LaGreca at the New York Athletic Club. In the event price, you get to have your picture taken with Mr. Piazza. I will have a moment to say something to my favorite Met.

There are so many things I could say to the HOF bound catcher.

Should I tell him a huge painting of him hangs in my home?  Probably not.


Should I tell him my dog’s initial reaction to this painting?  (She barked each time she saw it for several days. I explained to her that this is not an appropriate reaction to anything Piazza related.  He is to be greeted in a much nicer fashion should we ever meet him).  I think me telling him about my conversation with my dog would cause security to be called.

Should I joke about me and his wife having the same name?  Probably not.

Should I tell him I have a had a hotel reservation each year at Cooperstown, since his first year of eligibility for the Baseball Hall of Fame?  That’s probably a sore subject. I think I should avoid it altogether.

Should I just tell him I love him?  Again, I’m afraid that would cause security to be called and my prompt exit, before dinner.

But at least it would get me out of the dinner portion of the evening….

Those that know me know that going to this event is fraught with anxiety! One–I’ll meet my favorite Met.  Two-I’ll be forced to sit with strangers for dinner. Three-I’ll be forced to make small talk with strangers. Oh…the dreaded small talk.  My preferred activity at dinner would be to read a book. I’ve been told that reading a book would be considered rude.

So, I’m very serious when I ask, What should I say to Mike?


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