My Gordon Fisherman Moment…

Years ago, my miniature schnauzer participated in a fashion show, at the nursing home I worked at. We were a hit! When she turned the corner, there was an audible gasp from the crowd because she was so adorable in her little yellow raincoat.  Sadly, we didn’t win. Or place. I was told by more than one person that H was “robbed”.  A friend who I worked with at the facility was not surprised.  She told me H didn’t win because “It’s a popularity contest.” Translation–It had nothing to do with H’s cuteness. The judges didn’t like me.  Thank you. That made me feel much better.


So, on to my “Gordon Fisherman moment”. I submitted a story in The Golden Donut story.  The story had to be exactly 200 words, inspired by a selected photo on the website. (To see the photo, go to– )

I did not win. But here is my story.

 Case Closed 

“I know who killed Adwin!” she texted.

“Meet me here,” he responded, with his location.

She smiled.  It was where they had met.

At Adwin’s funeral.

Adwin’s ending was their beginning.

She walked through the garden to the clearing.  He stood waiting at the pair of gravestones.  He turned from Adwin’s grave, wiping a tear from his eye. His eager grin caused her to quicken her pace.  He walked to the matching gravestone and bent down to touch it.

Just two months ago, as they lowered Adwin’s body into the grave, she had wondered who was buried next to the middle aged bachelor.

Or maybe would be?

“Who is buried here?” she asked as he slid it open.

When fully opened, she peered in at the empty grave.

She felt his hand on her back.  In just weeks, she had grown accustomed to feeling that hand on her skin.

In the small of her back, his touch was gentle.

At first.

Then firmer.

She clutched at him to make him stop.

Now, she knew who would be buried next to Adwin.

She realized she was wrong.

About a lot of things.

Now, she knew who had killed Adwin.

Hope you enjoyed my short story.


A R 

Just so I don’t go all Kanye on this. Congratulation to the winner, Vinnie Hansen.


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