My best for the standup routine…

After a clamoring on Facebook, (Fine…one person commented she was surprised that the funny things I posted were not uttered by me), here’s a little of my funny…

My best joke of the month was wasted on one with no sense of humor. Such a pity.  Of course, a bystander did find it hilarious. A neighbor came by and told my mother and I that their daughter had a baby and the baby’s name.  He then left.  My father came out of the house and having just spoken to the neighbor’s wife on the phone told us the daughter had the baby. I stopped him there and shouted. “No, don’t say the name…” I closed my eyes, put my hand to my head, doing my best soothsayer rendition. “I can see the child’s name…I’m seeing a Christopher.”  Before I continued with the child’s middle name, I opened my eyes to see my father’s reaction. You’d expect a look of shock, of amazement, of something. Nope, he nodded “Yep, Christopher Leonard.” He continued, with other infant statistics, as if it wasn’t amazing I had just guessed the name of child of a woman I didn’t even know was pregnant.  He did notice my mother laughing so hard she couldn’t speak and finally asked, “What’s so funny?”

Have a great Friday!



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