Notes for my standup routine (Previously known as Quotes of the Week)

A friend called after reading last week’s blog post and told me I needed to rename these posts – blog posts of the bizarre, insulting, and hilarious things that are said to me during the course of the week. I asked for her suggestion.  I was told “Notes for my stand-up routine.”

Then she asked if I’d ever done stand-up. “It’s like talking to a stand-up comedian when I talk to you.”  Thank you! I’ve also been called “pee in your pants funny.”  I take great joy in that one.

Of course, I’ve never done standup.  Talking in front of people is not my favorite thing — more accurately, a phobia of talking in front of people, stage fright, call it what you wish.  So, because of that, we get “Notes for my standup routine”

“Stop! She is not a squirrel!” (Sometimes I want to explain a quote. I think it’s funnier when I don’t.)

“Huh, thought you’d drink diet.” (Note to the men out there — don’t say that to a woman.  All she hears is diet. As in- you need to be on one.)

“Are you really a doctor?” (I answered a simple yes, because I am. I wanted to answer, Are you calling me a liar?)

“Ok, I thought you were Doogie Howser or something.” (Nice recovery.)

“I’m trying not to say anything that’ll get me on that blog.”

Have a great week!


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