Quotes of the Week

Another week…more quotes that would make a normal person cry, but make me laugh.  I now hope to share this humor with you.

A friend told me she didn’t know I had driven a Lamborghini.  I pointed out she liked the post on Facebook [See previous blog post ‘I blame Top Gear for this’]. “I liked it because it was a picture of you with a guy!” I tried to stop her as added “I’ve never seen that before!”

Another friend called over the weekend. “I”m calling to hear about your escapades.  There’s really no other word to describe them.”

A patient referred to me as “Crazy A” to differentiate me from another person of the same name.

I caught a friend looking at my hair.  When I questioned him on what he was looking at it, he said “It looks….different.”  After much coaxing, he added, “Looks good different.”  I did coin a new phrase to describe my hair, that I’m sure won’t catch on.  “My hair is River Song-esque.”

After entering a patient’s home, his mother promptly greeted me with “Out!”  I stopped, stunned.  Was she kicking me out??? No, the baby was ‘out’, as in sound asleep.

Have a great week!



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