Quotes of the Week

The good – “You’re fun to talk to.”  “You’re a character.” “When’s book five coming out?”  For those interested – I’m working on it:)

The bad – “You must not work hard.”   *Full disclosure – it was really a complisult – part compliment (I look young) and part insult. (Trust me I work hard. Trust me. My patience is worked harder than any part of me most days.)  Complisult – part of Community lore (the hysterical NBC show then Yahoo show #6seasonsandamovie)

The ugly – After a rant about the unfairness of life, I was told, “I mean really! What have I done so wrong in my life that the highlight of my week was dinner with you.”  *Full disclosure – she did lead with “No offense.”  Oh, but offense taken… Just kidding. I laughed so hard I had to be handed tissues to wipe away the tears.


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