The week in quotes

Full disclosure, these quotes were said to me over the past ten days but that isn’t as good a title.

“Wow, your hair actually looks nice today.”

“So, you were crazy even at three years old.”

“You’re getting soft in your old age!”  (My response – “I was soft in my young age.”)

“I give you a C.” (This from a random man on the street commenting on my parking ability.  He seemed to mark on a curve.  He would have only given himself a B. In my defense, I knew he was watching.  I think it was a solid B. I didn’t hit anything and was close to the curb.  What else did this man want!)

“You look like you speak Spanish.” (Uttered by a four year old. I’m assuming he thinks I look like Dora the Explorer.)

“Where does this stuff come from — your mind is weird.”

Please note…The first three were from friends.

The last, my mother.

Enjoy your week!



4 thoughts on “The week in quotes

  1. I stand by my quote. What sort of example are we setting for Brian by sitting indoors at Citi Field just because of a little rain?

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