The week in quotes

Full disclosure, these quotes were said to me over the past ten days but that isn’t as good a title.

“Wow, your hair actually looks nice today.”

“So, you were crazy even at three years old.”

“You’re getting soft in your old age!”  (My response – “I was soft in my young age.”)

“I give you a C.” (This from a random man on the street commenting on my parking ability.  He seemed to mark on a curve.  He would have only given himself a B. In my defense, I knew he was watching.  I think it was a solid B. I didn’t hit anything and was close to the curb.  What else did this man want!)

“You look like you speak Spanish.” (Uttered by a four year old. I’m assuming he thinks I look like Dora the Explorer.)

“Where does this stuff come from — your mind is weird.”

Please note…The first three were from friends.

The last, my mother.

Enjoy your week!


There is a wrong answer…

Remember in primary school, you were told there are no stupid questions?  Well, there are.  (Such as…Is there any homework? Amateur, as Clara Oswald would say.  We all had that kid in class right?)

Today I had an interview for a promotion.  I was told there would be six “thought provoking” questions.  They wanted to know about my problem solving skills and thought process.  I was told “There are no wrong answers.”

After the interview, which contained a few laughs (which in hindsight I’m not sure is a positive 🙂 ), it was reiterated “There are no wrong answers.”  I should have nodded and said my goodbyes.  Instead I answered, “That’s not true.”  The interviewer disagreed and they both went on about why they structure the interview this way.

I nodded politely and said my goodbyes….I really wanted to prove my point but felt the interview had gone alright so I should stay quiet.

Neither of them know I’m a writer.  Neither know I have a very creative mind.  And as a friend says, I see the world very differently than most.

So, when they asked me how to choose between two high priority tasks, I could have answered, “I’d call in sick and go to the beach.”  (That would be wrong but yet…it would be fun.)

When I told them I was recently described as ‘meticulous’ and ‘detail oriented’, I could have told them that the conversation first started that I reminded a friend of the murdering psychopath character played by Kathy Bates in Stephen King’s Misery (see previous post).  That would have been wrong.  (Although, can you imagine their faces?  It would have been hilarious.)

Neither know a future character (no, not Lily) will face an interview like this….and answer much differently.  (Come on it’ll be hilarious!)