So I got this text…

Over the weekend, I received this text from a friend…

‘Caught a few scenes of Misery on TV. I swear Kathy Bates’ character totally reminds me of you!’

I paused for a moment because really I thought I read it wrong.  I’m being compared to a Stephen King character how lovely.  Oh wait…maybe not so good.

The text continues…

‘Not because she’s a murderous psychopath.’

Well that’s a relief. And to finish…

‘But because she is soooo detail oriented, even the smallest of things. Just sharing :)’

My first response was – I feel I should be offended yet…I’m not.

I’m currently updating my kitchen and bath and I think the workers would use the phrase “pain in the ass”, not “meticulous” as my friend later clarified.  After a brief tirade with a reglazing worker, the young man nodded, smiled, and said “Yep, you’re a little OCD.”  I like to say I’m ‘particular’.

End of the story, home renovations have put pause on my writing.  But renovations are almost done and work on a new mystery is on the horizon.   The question is … Should it be the fifth installment of The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series OR a new stand alone mystery?

You tell me!


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