Some of you may have noticed a new dedication in the fourth book of The Nathan Miccoli Series.  (If you haven’t, now’s a good time to stop reading this blog and go buy the book.)

Usually, I dedicate it to my two beautiful miniature schnauzers, H & L.  (L, on the left, is no longer with us.)


And to my beta readers- Jackie, Gina, Jodi, Phil and Mom.

Don’t worry beta readers, including new beta reader Michael, you are properly thanked in the acknowledgement section.

This book, two new names are there – Cheryl & Adam.

Now a days, you have to grab a reader fast.  If you don’t have them in the first chapter (some say the first line), you’ll lose them. While on vacation in January 2014, I was editing book three (Gone But Not Healed).  My mind was already starting on book 4.  I knew Nathan would be undercover and I knew Lily and Annie would face some challenges.  As I stood in the crowded Baltra Airport waiting for a flight back to the mainland of Ecuador, I was chatting with fellow baseball fans, Cheryl and Adam.  I’d been lucky throughout the trip meeting very nice people, who welcomed me to their dining table as we cruised the Galapagos.  Cheryl and Adam were one such couple.  After Adam told me about how San Francisco polices Giant-Dodger games, my mind wondered into the land of Nathan Miccoli.  Voila! Opening of book four!  It’s hysterical and gets the novel going.

Often on the Galapagos trip, fellow cruisers would ask me if they would be in my next book. (When people ask me what I do for a living on a vacation, I answer I’m a writer.  1- in the hopes I’ll gain a new fan. 2 – because I don’t want to be pestered about ailments if I tell them the job that pays the bills.) I assured them they wouldn’t.  Most were disappointed:)

But you never know where inspiration will strike.  Like in the airport:)

Happy Reading!

So I got this text…

Over the weekend, I received this text from a friend…

‘Caught a few scenes of Misery on TV. I swear Kathy Bates’ character totally reminds me of you!’

I paused for a moment because really I thought I read it wrong.  I’m being compared to a Stephen King character how lovely.  Oh wait…maybe not so good.

The text continues…

‘Not because she’s a murderous psychopath.’

Well that’s a relief. And to finish…

‘But because she is soooo detail oriented, even the smallest of things. Just sharing :)’

My first response was – I feel I should be offended yet…I’m not.

I’m currently updating my kitchen and bath and I think the workers would use the phrase “pain in the ass”, not “meticulous” as my friend later clarified.  After a brief tirade with a reglazing worker, the young man nodded, smiled, and said “Yep, you’re a little OCD.”  I like to say I’m ‘particular’.

End of the story, home renovations have put pause on my writing.  But renovations are almost done and work on a new mystery is on the horizon.   The question is … Should it be the fifth installment of The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series OR a new stand alone mystery?

You tell me!