Writing Wednesday – What a way to start the day!

Every morning begins with walking my little schnauzer, H.  Often we meet neighbors.  H’s favorite neighbor is Kathy, who always has treats at the ready.  Today we were fortunate enough to run into several neighbors and their dogs.

Pat immediately told me she read books two and three of The Nathan Miccoli Series and loved them.  Kathy agreed and both told me how much they LOVED the ending of book 3.  This is why I shouldn’t read reviews- you can’t please them all:)  So we can all disregard my previous blog about holding off on reading the last chapter:)

Book 3- Gone But Not Healed- ebook version is on sale now for 99cents! (Ends today)

To all of those wondering…Book 4 (yet to be titled) is 1/3 written.  I have a goal to have it written by:)  So I’m on track for publishing in Spring/Summer 2015.

So you’ll learn then…will Lily or won’t she?


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