This post could go a bunch of ways…but I’m talking about endings of books.  Specifically my books:)

I don’t usually read reviews but I do regularly check how many reviews are posted and the overall star ratings.  Sometimes, I accidentally see a word or two and then read the review.  One thing I’ve noticed in reviews of my last 2 books (books 2 & 3 of The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series) is criticism of the endings.  I enjoy a book that ends with you wondering what the character will do next…and wanting to read more.

Book 2, Gone But Not Goodbye… I think the ending is pretty clear but some find it unsatisfying because you don’t get an answer to the posed question.  Helpful hint one – go read book three and you’ll get the answer.  Helpful hint two – Lily is pretty consistent with certain things in her life.

Book 3, Gone But Not Healed…If you like a conventional ending, DON’T read the last chapter.  (Stop at page 299 in the print book.  Don’t read the June 23, 2011 Chapter.)  This was the original ending.  But then my mother accidentally read it (while printing it for me to do edits) and I felt I needed to add a little more.  My original (and always best) beta reader’s, Jackie, reaction to the published ending was awesome so I kept it.  She was furious, vowed not to read anymore of my books, wondered what was wrong with me.  She finished it at 9pm.  The next morning she was still ranting and raving.  To me, that is awesome–as a reader and a writer.  The book left you thinking, wondering what’s coming next, wanting to know, needing to know.  Please note, by the next morning, she wanted to read more of The Nathan Miccoli Series and peppered me with me questions.

So again, if you like a conventional ending, don’t read the last chapter!  Read it when you get book 4 (still unnamed:).

Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “Endings

  1. This is all true. From my initial reaction to the amount of time it took me to work through my emotions….
    Of course, I will be the first in line to read book four.
    P.S why are you reading this when you should be writing 😉

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