The Author

As many of you know, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan.  If you’ve seen the show, you know the main character (whose been played by 12 different actors over a 51 year span) is The Doctor.  It brought me great pride today when at my full-time job (because the writing is not paying the bills…yet), co-workers referred to me as “The Author”.

Please note they did this because they had no idea what my real name is.  Despite me introducing myself to one of them earlier in the day and I’ve been at the job over a year.

But…I’ll take it!

As I relayed the story to a friend, she reminded me “That’s how Lily was” in book one of The Nathan Miccoli Series, Gone But Not Missed.  I briefly felt less great but then thought…

1- I could be called far worse things 🙂

2 – Anything that I have in common with The Doctor is good.

Happy Reading

The Author


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