This post could go a bunch of ways…but I’m talking about endings of books.  Specifically my books:)

I don’t usually read reviews but I do regularly check how many reviews are posted and the overall star ratings.  Sometimes, I accidentally see a word or two and then read the review.  One thing I’ve noticed in reviews of my last 2 books (books 2 & 3 of The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series) is criticism of the endings.  I enjoy a book that ends with you wondering what the character will do next…and wanting to read more.

Book 2, Gone But Not Goodbye… I think the ending is pretty clear but some find it unsatisfying because you don’t get an answer to the posed question.  Helpful hint one – go read book three and you’ll get the answer.  Helpful hint two – Lily is pretty consistent with certain things in her life.

Book 3, Gone But Not Healed…If you like a conventional ending, DON’T read the last chapter.  (Stop at page 299 in the print book.  Don’t read the June 23, 2011 Chapter.)  This was the original ending.  But then my mother accidentally read it (while printing it for me to do edits) and I felt I needed to add a little more.  My original (and always best) beta reader’s, Jackie, reaction to the published ending was awesome so I kept it.  She was furious, vowed not to read anymore of my books, wondered what was wrong with me.  She finished it at 9pm.  The next morning she was still ranting and raving.  To me, that is awesome–as a reader and a writer.  The book left you thinking, wondering what’s coming next, wanting to know, needing to know.  Please note, by the next morning, she wanted to read more of The Nathan Miccoli Series and peppered me with me questions.

So again, if you like a conventional ending, don’t read the last chapter!  Read it when you get book 4 (still unnamed:).

Happy Reading!


The Author

As many of you know, I’m a huge Doctor Who fan.  If you’ve seen the show, you know the main character (whose been played by 12 different actors over a 51 year span) is The Doctor.  It brought me great pride today when at my full-time job (because the writing is not paying the bills…yet), co-workers referred to me as “The Author”.

Please note they did this because they had no idea what my real name is.  Despite me introducing myself to one of them earlier in the day and I’ve been at the job over a year.

But…I’ll take it!

As I relayed the story to a friend, she reminded me “That’s how Lily was” in book one of The Nathan Miccoli Series, Gone But Not Missed.  I briefly felt less great but then thought…

1- I could be called far worse things 🙂

2 – Anything that I have in common with The Doctor is good.

Happy Reading

The Author

Pumpkins Joe’s?

Yesterday I went to Pumpkin Joe’s.  I’m sorry the name on the door said Trader Joe’s but sometime in recent weeks the store has challenged themselves to try to make everything in pumpkin form.  There was granola, breakfast bars, ice cream, cereal, yogurt, cake, coffee, tea, dessert bars, butter, cornbread, toaster pastries, bread, rolls, muffins, seed, waffles, soup, pancakes, bagels (and if that’s not enough you can put pumpkin cream cheese on it too), croissants, ravioli, pudding, caramels, brittle, cookies (lots of cookies), macarons, cheesecake, crisps, biscotti, scones, croutons, pita crisps, ale and pie.  They also have pumpkin body butter.  I’m not kidding.  It was overwhelming!  Yes, they do actually sell pumpkins too.

I understand the pie.  I could be tempted by the ale:)  But that is it.

I’m waiting for someone to do the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin challenge- eat one pumpkin item per day.  Let’s be honest –you could eat only pumpkin flavored items all day.  Can you picture yourself having pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin butter and pumpkin coffee for breakfast?  Pumpkin soup for lunch?  Pumpkin ravioli and pumpkin ale for dinner?  Top it all off with pumpkin chai tea and cookies?

You think they missed something?  Pumpkin soda?  Pumpkin fruit wraps? Pumpkin flavored maple syrup for those waffles and pancakes (Maybe they do have it and I missed it.)

For those interested, the third book in the Nathan Miccoli series, Gone But Not Healed, is now available in paperback and ebook.  I promise, no pumpkins.

‘Gone But Not Healed’ coming soon

Keep an eye out on amazon.com/author/arkennedy.
Book 3 of The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series, Gone But Not Healed, will be out very soon.
Here’s the teaser –
When we left Nathan and Lily at the end of ‘Gone But Not Goodbye’, Lily was preparing to give the only answer she feels she can ever give Nathan.
But will she marry the man who saved her life? Or will she agree with the others who know she’s not ready?
Nathan’s latest case is close to home and he is none too pleased when he meets Lily’s new friend, Alfonso, who she is spending more time with.
With Nathan fixated on a case, will he be there when Lily needs him most?