Writing Wednesday

Next month, I’ll be attending the Writers’ Police Academy for the third time.  It’s the fourth time the event is being held.  The motto – “Sweat now so your manuscript won’t bleed red ink later.”

It is a wonderful event, run by Lee Lofland.  It is jam-packed with classes to make a writer’s manuscript more accurate.

My favorite part is texting non writing friends regarding my dilemmas- Should I go to “3rd Alarm Blaze” where I’ll suit up as a firefighter or “Romance behind the Badge” where I’ll learn about cops and infidelity.  (I can hear some Nathan Miccoli Mystery fans screaming at the prospect of the latter.) How do you choose between “Deep Undercover” and “Microbial Forensics”?   “Domestic Murder” or  “EMS ride along”? “Technical Things Writers Get Wrong” or “Researching Exotic Crimes”? There are plenty of more difficult choices but these are the classes I’m trying to decide between.  (And one class I can’t tell you I’ll be attending – Spoilers!)

I wish I had Hermione’s Time-Turner.  I could go to everything!  Where’s Albus Dumbledore when you need him?

Please comment and make your suggestions!  See all my options at writerspoliceacademy.com.  Maybe you’ll get some anxiety over what may befall Lillian and Nathan in the near future.  (My beta readers are very distraught about my recent research trip to a hospital:)

My favorite class and a huge hit at the Writers’ Police Academy is “Building Searches”.  I have no idea why I went.   I asked so many questions. I don’t know if I’ll ever use it in a novel.  It was amazing!  With our plastic guns, we stormed in to unoccupied apartments, screaming “Clear!” after searching for the “bad guys”.

This year I’m participating in the “Investigation of Felony Murder” class, where we’ll investigate “an entire criminal case, from start to finish”, a “hands on workshop”.  I’m so excited!

Although I’m using vacation days to attend the event, this is no vacation.  Buses leave at 7:30am, with or without you.  Classes/demonstrations are from 8am – 5:35pm on Friday and Saturday.  Friday ends after a 9pm demonstration. That’s a long day!

The Writers’ Police Academy attendees will also be lectured by best selling authors, Lisa Gardner & Michael Connelly.

Thank you Sisters in Crime for assisting with sponsorship & Lee Lofland for organizing the event.


Answer to Monday’s question – “Weekend at Bernie’s”   [See p.48 of ‘Gone But Not Missed’]



‘I want my $2!’

Can you name the movie that quote is in, many times?

On Friday, someone told me her favorite ’80s movie is ‘Sixteen Candles’.  I laughed because it’s certainly not mine.  It should surprise no one that my favorite ’80s movie has a great title.  ‘Better off Dead’, starring John Cusack.  Anytime I hear someone say anything about $2 I hear that young newspaper delivery boy on his bike yelling, ‘I want my $2!’ as he chases John Cusack’s character.

Although main character Lily Brannon (of my debut mystery series) was born in the mid-80s, she and her college roommate, Annie, have a favorite 80s movie.  Can you name it?  (The answer will appear in Wednesday’s blog)

So in celebration of ‘Better Off Dead’, both Nathan Miccoli Mystery ebook novels are on sale for $2.00 this week.  Enjoy!