Writing Wednesday

Research, Research, Research.

A surprising amount of research goes into writing fiction.  In a previous blog, I thanked my friends’ husbands (men, that if I’ve met them, I call my friends- that’s for you Larry!) for their support.

Elie went above and beyond this weekend.  It was what I like to call “Take Your Favorite Novelist To Work Day” for him on Friday.  I had a great time!

He is an anesthesiologist and my go to for all medical questions (What happens if you’re injected with epinephrine and you’re not in anaphylactic shock?  How is a certain medical condition treated? There are more but it’d give away future plots!)   Fortunately, he doesn’t tell his wife, my dear friend and #1 supporter of The Nathan Miccoli Series, what my questions are.  No spoilers!  (Of course, it could be, in typical man fashion, because he doesn’t remember them).  Sadly, I haven’t convinced him to read my books…yet:)

After a recent round of questions, he said I should just come to work with him.  I jumped at the chance.  Elie and his coworkers were so nice to me.  I learned so much and picked up a lot of “shop talk”.

As a student, I had been in operating rooms before.  The difference this time is that no one grilled me with anatomical questions.  Elie laughed when I told him how fast the time went, how much fun I had, and how I took a day’s vacation to spend the day.

I got to ask questions to other anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgeons.  Thank you to all!

My next research trip?  Not sure.  But a friend thought he could arrange a visit with a fireman.  I actually have questions for a future fire scene so that would be useful (and not just an excuse to spend a few hours with firemen:)


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