Pitching at Citi Field

My last post on Women’s Baseball Skills clinic at Citi Field…

The first breakout section I was in was pitching.  Coach Bones (Mets bullpen coach) was awesome.  As with the other coaches, he really watched participants and provided feedback.  His left handed assistant broke down the pitching motion for me.  Coach Bones corrected my pitching grip.  Most importantly, no one made any comments when I fell flat on my face in the outfield running after a baseball.  By the way, the grass is really soft:)

Again, a huge thank you to the Mets for having this event.  It was without a doubt my best day at Citi Field.  (My best night at Citi Field was Harvey vs Nationals Pitcher Strasburg April last year.  Best chant at Citi Field ever – “Harvey’s Better!”)

Breaking News – ‘Gone But Not Missed’ & its sequel, ‘Gone But Not Goodbye’, ebooks on sale for 99cents this weekend!  Both are great beach reads.  GBNM with 104 5star reviews!  GBNG with all 5star reviews!  Scenes at Citi Field are in both- some happy, some not so happy, just like my own life:)




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