Running at Citi Field

The review of my experience at Citi Field continues…

The man that led the event (Donovan I think?) ran the running portion of the clinic.  My goal prior to attending the event was to slide into a base.  I bought special socks to protect my skin.  I thought about how I would explain to my boss why I was calling out of work Monday because I injured myself at Citi Field.  (Would she really believe me when I told her I injured myself on the field?  Or would she think the ‘author’ was getting a little more creative than usual?)

Unfortunately, there was no sliding allowed:(  The good news is I was so happy with all my time on the field I forgot until the end of the event!  The bad news is I did ‘slide’ in the outfield (Translation- I fell flat on my face running after a ball.  It wasn’t pretty.  Thank you to my throwing partner, Linette, for pretending it didn’t happen:)

I’m not a huge fan of running (although, ironically, I have won a 5K in my age group).  I’m never going to run a marathon.  It’s doubtful I’ll ever run for exercise, although I am inspired by my friend Jodi who when we met didn’t like to run and now participates in 1/2 marathons!  But baseball related running was awesome!  My personal trainer (also my friend Jodi) may want to keep this in mind- making something baseball related for me and it’s not work:)  It’s fun!

Have a great Thursday!



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