Learning Baseball at Citi Field

As mentioned previously in the week, the Mets did an Amazin’ job organizing the Women’s Baseball Clinic.  I’ve talked about the infield portion with Tim Teufel, the outfield portion with Tom Goodwin.  Today I’ll talk about the hitting portion with Bob Geren.

I played softball in high school.  Once I made the team because Coach just felt sorry for me, I think.  It certainly wasn’t for my talent.  He asked me if I could keep score.  I said yes.  I mean, really, I was a teenager.  Of course I knew how to count to keep score.  That was not what he meant & I quickly taught myself how to keep score.  I still do it today for Mets games I attend.  (I’ve used the scorecards to ensure my references to the Mets games Lily attends, in my mystery novels ‘Gone…But Not Missed’ & ‘Gone…But Not Goodbye’ are accurate!)

Hitting was not my strength on my high school softball team.  I was named “Team Bunter”.  That’s about all I could do.  I was small, could run & never got the ball out of the infield.  But I learned a few things during our session in the batting cages with Mets bench coach, Bob Geren.   He broke down the swing into 4 parts.  There was no ‘Teufel Shuffle’, no big leg kick like Strawberry, and no bat wiggles.

Each participant got 5 swings.  I don’t know who the man was that tossed the baseball to me but he was really nice & didn’t laugh when I swung through the first 2 tosses.  He told me the other bat was lighter & I should try that one.  I answered, “Sir, I really don’t think it’s going to matter” but did as instructed.  I promptly hit a liner to right.  (Ok, we were in the batting cages, so I hit it into the netting but I hit it hard!)

I think the part of the clinic that I was most surprised by and most pleased by was that the coaches and their assistants watched every participant & gave solid advice.  They were wonderful.

Thank you Mets!


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