Tuesday Thanks

Last week, I received the most lovely thank you note from a five year old patient, that brought me to tears.  It made me realize I should thank a few more people.

This post is dedicated to my friends’ husbands.  Some of these men I also call my friend but if not for their wives, we would have never met.  (One I’ve never even met!  But several people have assured me of his existence.)

I’ve been blessed with three friends who support my writing.  Their husbands have been very supportive as well!

One is taking me to work with him for a day.  I’ll be following him around the hospital, seeing first hand the gory stories he usually tells me.  He has helped me with several medical questions for the books.  I probably should have thanked him before this:)

One sells my books in his store.  (Plug for a great comic book store in Salem, MA- Harrison’s Comics.  It’s a great store.  Check them out! @Harrisons_.  I particularly enjoy their Doctor Who section.)

One is a beta reader, who was the first man to read the book.  Before he read it, I didn’t think The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series would appeal to men.  He’s currently reading book 3, Gone But Not Healed.  He’s inspired me for book 5 (Hurricane Sandy is headed towards Lily & Nathan.)

Why do they do it?  Because I love his children? Because he’s a nice guy? Or because he wants me to think he actually exists?  I don’t know but I appreciate the support.

So, thank you Eli, Larry, & Phil.  This blogs for you!

Love, A


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