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Happy Reading!


Writing Wednesday

Research, Research, Research.

A surprising amount of research goes into writing fiction.  In a previous blog, I thanked my friends’ husbands (men, that if I’ve met them, I call my friends- that’s for you Larry!) for their support.

Elie went above and beyond this weekend.  It was what I like to call “Take Your Favorite Novelist To Work Day” for him on Friday.  I had a great time!

He is an anesthesiologist and my go to for all medical questions (What happens if you’re injected with epinephrine and you’re not in anaphylactic shock?  How is a certain medical condition treated? There are more but it’d give away future plots!)   Fortunately, he doesn’t tell his wife, my dear friend and #1 supporter of The Nathan Miccoli Series, what my questions are.  No spoilers!  (Of course, it could be, in typical man fashion, because he doesn’t remember them).  Sadly, I haven’t convinced him to read my books…yet:)

After a recent round of questions, he said I should just come to work with him.  I jumped at the chance.  Elie and his coworkers were so nice to me.  I learned so much and picked up a lot of “shop talk”.

As a student, I had been in operating rooms before.  The difference this time is that no one grilled me with anatomical questions.  Elie laughed when I told him how fast the time went, how much fun I had, and how I took a day’s vacation to spend the day.

I got to ask questions to other anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgeons.  Thank you to all!

My next research trip?  Not sure.  But a friend thought he could arrange a visit with a fireman.  I actually have questions for a future fire scene so that would be useful (and not just an excuse to spend a few hours with firemen:)

My summer vacation

Followers of my blog will remember a scathing blog in January – How the Baseball Writers ruined my birthday.  I should have been in Cooperstown, NY this weekend.  More importantly, Mike Piazza should have been there.

With the days off already scheduled, I took a mini-vacation to Philly.

I had my favorite meal.


I played dress up.


(More on this on Wednesday’s blog.  Thank you Elie!)

I hung out with new friends.


I hung out with old friends.


Even old friends and fellow beta readers of the Nathan Miccoli Series met each other, a topic for another day.

Thanks for a great weekend Philly!

‘Gone But Not Goodbye’ on special (ebook 99cents) in celebration of my days off.  ENJOY!

Pitching at Citi Field

My last post on Women’s Baseball Skills clinic at Citi Field…

The first breakout section I was in was pitching.  Coach Bones (Mets bullpen coach) was awesome.  As with the other coaches, he really watched participants and provided feedback.  His left handed assistant broke down the pitching motion for me.  Coach Bones corrected my pitching grip.  Most importantly, no one made any comments when I fell flat on my face in the outfield running after a baseball.  By the way, the grass is really soft:)

Again, a huge thank you to the Mets for having this event.  It was without a doubt my best day at Citi Field.  (My best night at Citi Field was Harvey vs Nationals Pitcher Strasburg April last year.  Best chant at Citi Field ever – “Harvey’s Better!”)

Breaking News – ‘Gone But Not Missed’ & its sequel, ‘Gone But Not Goodbye’, ebooks on sale for 99cents this weekend!  Both are great beach reads.  GBNM with 104 5star reviews!  GBNG with all 5star reviews!  Scenes at Citi Field are in both- some happy, some not so happy, just like my own life:)


Running at Citi Field

The review of my experience at Citi Field continues…

The man that led the event (Donovan I think?) ran the running portion of the clinic.  My goal prior to attending the event was to slide into a base.  I bought special socks to protect my skin.  I thought about how I would explain to my boss why I was calling out of work Monday because I injured myself at Citi Field.  (Would she really believe me when I told her I injured myself on the field?  Or would she think the ‘author’ was getting a little more creative than usual?)

Unfortunately, there was no sliding allowed:(  The good news is I was so happy with all my time on the field I forgot until the end of the event!  The bad news is I did ‘slide’ in the outfield (Translation- I fell flat on my face running after a ball.  It wasn’t pretty.  Thank you to my throwing partner, Linette, for pretending it didn’t happen:)

I’m not a huge fan of running (although, ironically, I have won a 5K in my age group).  I’m never going to run a marathon.  It’s doubtful I’ll ever run for exercise, although I am inspired by my friend Jodi who when we met didn’t like to run and now participates in 1/2 marathons!  But baseball related running was awesome!  My personal trainer (also my friend Jodi) may want to keep this in mind- making something baseball related for me and it’s not work:)  It’s fun!

Have a great Thursday!


Learning Baseball at Citi Field

As mentioned previously in the week, the Mets did an Amazin’ job organizing the Women’s Baseball Clinic.  I’ve talked about the infield portion with Tim Teufel, the outfield portion with Tom Goodwin.  Today I’ll talk about the hitting portion with Bob Geren.

I played softball in high school.  Once I made the team because Coach just felt sorry for me, I think.  It certainly wasn’t for my talent.  He asked me if I could keep score.  I said yes.  I mean, really, I was a teenager.  Of course I knew how to count to keep score.  That was not what he meant & I quickly taught myself how to keep score.  I still do it today for Mets games I attend.  (I’ve used the scorecards to ensure my references to the Mets games Lily attends, in my mystery novels ‘Gone…But Not Missed’ & ‘Gone…But Not Goodbye’ are accurate!)

Hitting was not my strength on my high school softball team.  I was named “Team Bunter”.  That’s about all I could do.  I was small, could run & never got the ball out of the infield.  But I learned a few things during our session in the batting cages with Mets bench coach, Bob Geren.   He broke down the swing into 4 parts.  There was no ‘Teufel Shuffle’, no big leg kick like Strawberry, and no bat wiggles.

Each participant got 5 swings.  I don’t know who the man was that tossed the baseball to me but he was really nice & didn’t laugh when I swung through the first 2 tosses.  He told me the other bat was lighter & I should try that one.  I answered, “Sir, I really don’t think it’s going to matter” but did as instructed.  I promptly hit a liner to right.  (Ok, we were in the batting cages, so I hit it into the netting but I hit it hard!)

I think the part of the clinic that I was most surprised by and most pleased by was that the coaches and their assistants watched every participant & gave solid advice.  They were wonderful.

Thank you Mets!

My mom’s favorite baseball player

My mother can name two New York Mets – David Wright & Tom Goodwin.  Why does she like Tom Goodwin so much?  Because Goodwin was her maiden name.

Two years ago, my mother and I went to Miami to see the Mets play.  I bought her a T-shirt with his name and number on the back and we waited patiently in hopes of meeting him.

100_0211Unfortunately, we didn’t see him but last year I mailed him the picture and he promptly signed and mailed it back!  Such a nice man!

Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Mets Inaugural Women’s Baseball Skills event.  I had a great time.  Mets first base coach & outfield coach, Tom Goodwin, led the Outfield portion.  I didn’t deserve a fist pump for my work in this section (see yesterday’s blog) but he was kind enough to take a photo with me afterwards.  He laughed when I told him he was my mom’s favorite player!





What would my 11year old self say?

Tim Teufel made my weekend!

My favorite player when I was a child was Wally Backman, second baseman for the New York Mets. He platooned with Tim Teufel. So when Teufel played, Backman did not. Translation – I did not like Tim Teufel.
Why did I love Wally Backman so much? Because he played hard, got dirty, and was shorter than the other players. Maybe I felt a kinship.

On Sunday, I participated in the inaugural Mets Women’s Baseball Clinic at Citi Field. There were five stations participants went to – Pitching (led by Ricky Bones), Outfield (led by Tom Goodwin – more on him tomorrow:), hitting (led by Bob Geren), Running (led by a lovely man who did a wonderful job running the entire event- unfortunately, he didn’t wear a jersey with his name on the back:) and Infield (led by Tim Teufel).

All the coaches were great. But Tim Teufel was extraordinary!  He observed me fielding and said “not bad”, then instructed me how to improve. The next time he watched me, he said “That deserves a fist bump!” He was genuinely pleased with my effort.  I was thrilled!

After the session, he was kind enough to take a picture with me.


My younger self wouldn’t be happy but I had a great weekend because of Tim Teufel.

Thank you Tim Teufel!  And Happy Birthday!

(P.S. – One of the main characters, Lily, in my mystery series, is a big Mets fan and key scenes occur at Citi Field.  Learn more at

Tuesday Thanks

Last week, I received the most lovely thank you note from a five year old patient, that brought me to tears.  It made me realize I should thank a few more people.

This post is dedicated to my friends’ husbands.  Some of these men I also call my friend but if not for their wives, we would have never met.  (One I’ve never even met!  But several people have assured me of his existence.)

I’ve been blessed with three friends who support my writing.  Their husbands have been very supportive as well!

One is taking me to work with him for a day.  I’ll be following him around the hospital, seeing first hand the gory stories he usually tells me.  He has helped me with several medical questions for the books.  I probably should have thanked him before this:)

One sells my books in his store.  (Plug for a great comic book store in Salem, MA- Harrison’s Comics.  It’s a great store.  Check them out! @Harrisons_.  I particularly enjoy their Doctor Who section.)

One is a beta reader, who was the first man to read the book.  Before he read it, I didn’t think The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series would appeal to men.  He’s currently reading book 3, Gone But Not Healed.  He’s inspired me for book 5 (Hurricane Sandy is headed towards Lily & Nathan.)

Why do they do it?  Because I love his children? Because he’s a nice guy? Or because he wants me to think he actually exists?  I don’t know but I appreciate the support.

So, thank you Eli, Larry, & Phil.  This blogs for you!

Love, A