Writing Wednesday

Curious about the cover?


Fortunately, my new editor, Lourdes Venard, recommended Karen Phillips to do my covers.  Besides doing the cover for ‘Gone But Not Goodbye’, she updated the cover for ‘Gone But Not Missed’.

I was surprised to learn that many readers purchase a book based on its cover.  I never have.  I choose books based on recommendations by people I trust & if the book is written by an author I already like.  (This is a good time to remind you if you like my books – WRITE A REVIEW 🙂

I’ve taken the photos used for each cover (and for subsequent covers- I already have the photos ready for book three and five) and Karen did a great job taking my photo and my vision and making the covers cohesive to represent The Nathan Miccoli Series.

The cover for Gone But Not Missed is of the Long Beach, NY boardwalk, pre- Hurricane Sandy (when the story is set).


The cover for Gone But Not Goodbye is a picture of my Nana’s locket, which has been passed down to me, by my mother.  It plays into the story and I think represents the story well.



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