Tuesday Thanks

Prior to taking my first writing course, I had no idea what the term “beta-reader” meant, neither did my beta readers:)

I’m lucky to have a solid bunch of five readers who read my third drafts.  They are able to see past the typos to see a story.  Their feedback has been helpful in developing the novels.  Fortunately, each have found a way to tell me what didn’t work for them without making me cry (or making me angry:).  I remain friends with all of them.  They’ve all been recruited to read book three.

‘Gone But Not Goodbye’ was a struggle to write – I always liked the story I told, it just had some pacing issues.  Early reviews have been good 🙂 for a book no one but my editor read before its release two weeks ago.  The basic story is the same but it is significantly different than the one my beta readers first read.

Some beta readers are more specific than others – you need another scene with this character or I didn’t understand this.  When asked to add a particular scene or develop a character more, we’d talk about it.  Initially, I thought this was cheating.  But I felt better after reading Stephen King’s acknowledgments for ‘Doctor Sleep’.  His son, Owen King (no, not the son I have a crush on), told him how he needed a particular scene (I won’t tell you what it is because if you haven’t read the book, you need to. No spoilers on this blog).  I can’t imagine the book not having that scene.  So, if it’s OK for Stephen King, it’s OK for me.

So onto the Thank Yous to my five beta readers…

Mom – Thank you for always reading.

Jackie – The best beta reader a writer could ask for.  She truly gets it.  She knows I know lots of things about the characters that aren’t written on the page (and its FUN when she asks:).  Thank you for reading GBNG 3X!!!

Gina – Thank you for naming the book & for your constant support through Facebook Likes and Twitter Favorites.

Jodi – I hope you enjoy the new version.  Thank you for going with me to the self defense class for research.

Phil – I hope you like the fight scene.  I hope I listened well and conveyed an accurate scene.  As best selling authors often write in their acknowledgments pages, they say any error is by the author, not the source.  Thank you for giving me the idea for book five (Hurricane Sandy is headed for Lily and Nathan) and showing me The Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series would be liked by men, not just women.

Gone But Not Goodbye – now available in paperback and ebook.




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