The worries of an author

Last week, I self-published my second book, ‘Gone But Not Goodbye.’ – the sequel to ‘Gone But Not Missed.’  I only told close friends and family of the release, waiting to let everyone else know when the ebook was released.  I know several people purchased it immediately and had received their copies.  And that was the last I heard.

Was my neighbor avoiding me?  Was my friend not texting because he didn’t like it?  Was another friend ignoring my references to the book?  DO THEY NOT LIKE MY NEW BOOK???  Then I started to read it and was reminded it was a good story.

I was reminded all was right in the world when my friend plugged the book to a large group of co-workers and asked me to sign his copy.  (He hasn’t started it yet because he’s reading another book I recommended, The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King).  The other friend reminded me she needs to finish book three (tentatively called ‘Gone But Not Healed’ – she has named each book so I’m waiting to find out what the title will actually be:) before she can re-read book two.

My hairdresser reminded me I’m crazy (that’s why my stories are so fun) and laughed.

So, spend the weekend reading my book.  I’m waiting to hear what you think (as long as you like it).

As I tell my mother, after she sees her hairdresser sometimes, if I don’t have anything good to say, I won’t say anything at all.



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