‘Gone But Not Goodbye’ on sale now!

‘Gone But Not Goodbye’, the sequel to ‘Gone But Not Missed’, is on sale now!


At the end of “Gone But Not Missed,” we left Nathan and Lily on the boardwalk in Long Beach, New York. Weeks later we find them apart – physically by hundreds of miles and emotionally by very different views of their relationship.
Lily is haunted by the kidnapping, consumed by thoughts of him.  Nathan is burdened with an inept partner, who may ruin his career as an NYPD detective, just as it’s beginning.
Will Nathan be able to solve the mystery of why his partner’s family is harassing him?  And solve the last robbery case he may ever be assigned?
But the biggest mystery in his life is Lily.

Paperback and ebook versions available.

Don’t forget – once you read it & love it – write a review on Amazon.

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