Writing Wednesday

Over the weekend, I attended a writing workshop led by Donald Maass, sponsored by the NY chapter of Sister in Crime.  It was illuminating!  He had some very interesting ways to edit, improve, and revise my work in progress.

My favorite part was he had us make 3 columns – in the first we were to list our characters, the middle the plot and subplots, and in the last the settings.  Next he instructed us to make connections between the three columns that are unexpected and write a scene.  I was hesitant.  My characters are where they should be in my work in progress, book three of the Nathan Miccoli Mystery Series (Gone But Not Healed).  But then I had some ideas – what would happen if Alfonso was in Long Beach? (Alfonso?, you ask.  Oh, just wait, he’s awesome.  You’ll love him, even though Nathan doesn’t).  And I wrote a great scene!

He also told us to look at the list of characters and kill one off.  “Or their dog,” he added.  I gasped.  No way!  Although….it did get me thinking.  All 5 of my beta readers have ‘Gone But Not Healed’ now and I’ve already made some a few changes!  (BTW, GBNH was loved by the first 2 beta readers:)

In other news, ‘Gone But Not Missed’ is in a Kindle Countdown Deal this week in anticipation of the ebook release of the sequel, ‘Gone But Not Goodbye.’  So, get reading!  And spread the news!

‘Gone But Not Goodbye’ will be on amazon.com/author/arkennedy tonight!


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