Typo Thursday

This goes in the file of “Nothing is easy”.

I clicked on the “Look Inside” button for my new novel, ‘Gone But Not Goodbye’ on amazon.com/author/arkennedy.  Just to check to see how it looks.  And there it was – what many writers fear – a typo – on page one.  I remained composed and wondered how I (and my editor) could have missed such a blatant error.  (Second paragraph reads ‘I flipped w the pages’; it should read “I flipped through the pages.”).

I pulled up my file – that I had sent to be formatted and there it was….The correct sentence.  So, not sure what happened and can’t get it fixed until tomorrow.  And I feel better about myself and my editor.

So, if you have a copy with the error, I’ll know you are a good friend – because you bought the book in the first four days of its release:)

(Yes, you know I’ll look:)




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