Writing Wednesday

“There’s something wrong with you.” Comment from beta reader after reading short story mentioned last week. (A ghost story inspired by my vacation in Northern Ireland.)

Most people would be insulted if someone uttered those words to them.  Me?  I considered it high praise!  I was thrilled my first ghost story (one of many I’ll write, I’m sure.  Please, I took a week long course at Christ Church College in Oxford, England on ghost stories!) creeped the reader out and she wondered (briefly?) on my sanity.

Writers…we’re a different breed.

(In other news, if you want to read a good new mystery novel…a real book, not an ebook…go to amazon.com/author/arkennedy.  The ebook version of “Gone But Not Goodbye” will be available next week!  If you haven’t read ‘Gone But Not Missed’ yet, what are you waiting for?  Read the first book in The Nathan Miccoli Series now!)


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