Tuesday’s Tally

Six months ago, I self published my debut mystery novel (‘Gone But Not Missed’, Book One of the Nathan Miccoli Mystery series).

It’s time to look at the numbers.  Some good…Some not so good.

Over 77,000 people downloaded ‘Gone But Not Missed’ during the BookBub promotion.  It was the number one free download on Amazon for over a day!  It led to a sizable amount of sales afterwards and I easily made the money back from the promotion. 

224 Amazon reviews – 4.1 star rating

49 likes on Facebook 

40 Twitter Followers


2 royalty checks – the famous $2.05 check is my favorite.

Sold in one local bookstore – Book Revue, Huntington, NY

Book 2 is on its way.  Tell your friends to read ‘Gone But Not Missed’ before the sequel is published.  

‘Gone But Not Goodbye’, book two of the Nathan Miccoli Mystery series will be released in JUNE!  

Thank you to wonderful editing by Lourdes Venard!  And thank you to beta reader Jackie who has read it MULTIPLE times!  



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