Writing Wednesday

Titles – it looks so easy.

I’m currently on the 6th title for the sequel to ‘Gone…But Not Missed’.  The first book was easy – it only changed once – and it was a minor change – Gone But Not Missing to Gone But Not Missed.

The sequel has been a challenge, in more ways than just the title.  I’ve had formatting issues. I’m currently on my second editor.  More than once, I’ve lost chapters.  The whole book has been re-worked since my beta readers have read it.

Years ago, before I was a writer, I read an afterword by a famous author (I think it was Dean Koontz).  He was talking about his previous books and their “first” and preferred titles.  It was very funny but very pointed- he still wasn’t happy that the powers that be encouraged him to change the titles.  With self publishing, I don’t have these issues.  I just need to make sure the title captures the vibe of the book, is a bit catchy, and no other books have the title.

I’ll keep you posted…Once the publishing date is set, I’ll have the title.  I hope…


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