Countdown Thursday

For many baseball fans, visiting every MLB ballpark is on their bucket list.  I have accomplished this goal!

I visited Montreal last week to see the Mets play the Blue Jays in Olympic Stadium.  I never made it to Montreal while the Expos existed and thought it would be fun to catch a game there.  It was the 42nd Major League Baseball stadium I have visited.  And, without question, it was the worst I’ve visited.

As I wondered the corridors, I knew it would be at the bottom of the list.  Having a little free time on Saturday, I compiled a ranking of the MLB stadiums I’ve visited.  I think most will be surprised by the results.  

FYI – Shea Stadium is not included in the list.  To me, that is my favorite ballpark because I have so many great memories there.  I can not say the same for its replacement.

I took into account the stadium’s design, the food, surrounding area and the overall experience.  After compiling my favorites, it got harder to rank the stadiums.  I then switched strategy and started from the bottom.  The worst ten came easily.

Here’s my top 3 – 

#1 = Fenway Park.  It’s a classic.  

#2 = PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates.  I love the surrounding neighborhood, the proximity to the city, the beautiful view of the bridges, and PRIMANTI’s!!!  My favorite ballpark food.  (Interesting stat about me – I was a partial season ticket holder of the Pirates years ago!) 

#3 = Camden Yards.  Great sight lines, food and overall feel of the ballpark.



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