Writing Wednesday

I had a few lovely days off, marred by terrible Mets baseball.  Happy Opening Week of America’s pastime!

A key to writing is good research.  It’s why I go to the Writers’ Police Academy every year.  It’s why I own books on police procedure, forensics, and serial killers.  It’s why librarians look at me funny when I take out books on crime, gangs, and psychology.

A question from a blog post a few months ago was ‘What is the strangest thing you’ve ever done for research?’  I may have a new answer.  I hung out in a tattoo parlor for a couple hours learning about the art.  It started out poorly with the man yelling at me – telling me I was ‘annoying’ and ‘crazy’.  The tattoo artist, Rich, was kidding and was very nice.  He answered all my basic questions and I did my best not to hover as he worked.  His client, Nick, was also very kind and answered my questions.  I tried not to interrupt Rich too much.  I feared he’d make a mistake!  Overall, it was an enlightening experience.

You can see Rich’s wonderful work on Facebook – Green Apple Tattoo.  Tell him AR sent you 🙂  (Or just say the annoying crazy writer:)



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