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Check out the new cover!

‘Gone But Not Missed’ has a new cover.   amazon.com/author/arkennedy

To readers- Sale price 99cents for a few days to celebrate the unveiling of my new cover!

To writers- Karen Phillips (phillipscovers.com) did a great job with the new cover.  She was easy to work with, affordable, receptive to ideas & quick to respond.  She’s already working on covers for book 2 and 3.


Writing Wednesday

Titles – it looks so easy.

I’m currently on the 6th title for the sequel to ‘Gone…But Not Missed’.  The first book was easy – it only changed once – and it was a minor change – Gone But Not Missing to Gone But Not Missed.

The sequel has been a challenge, in more ways than just the title.  I’ve had formatting issues. I’m currently on my second editor.  More than once, I’ve lost chapters.  The whole book has been re-worked since my beta readers have read it.

Years ago, before I was a writer, I read an afterword by a famous author (I think it was Dean Koontz).  He was talking about his previous books and their “first” and preferred titles.  It was very funny but very pointed- he still wasn’t happy that the powers that be encouraged him to change the titles.  With self publishing, I don’t have these issues.  I just need to make sure the title captures the vibe of the book, is a bit catchy, and no other books have the title.

I’ll keep you posted…Once the publishing date is set, I’ll have the title.  I hope…

Tax Day

Two weeks ago as I drove home from a terrible Opening Day Mets loss, (they just needed ONE strike to win!), I thought to myself I need to find another hobby.  A hobby that didn’t take up a significant amount of my time, energy and money.  

As I pondered, I remembered my appointment with my accountant last year.  I told her I was writing a book and brought the receipts of expenses that would be deductible (the Writers’ Police Academy expenses, classes, research books, professional organization memberships, etc).  With no book published, she dismissed me and told me it was a hobby.  This year, she agreed my book was a business expense.

So far, writing is also taking up a sizable amount of my time, energy and money.  And also, like my love of the Mets, it’s often causing disappointment.  Maybe I need to find another ‘hobby’  🙂

More likely, I’ll just keep chanting Tug McGraw’s rallying cry, ‘Ya Gotta Believe!’