Writing Wednesday

Prior to November, few people knew I was a writer.  Now I tell anyone who will listen that I write mysteries.  (My business cards are in every jacket I wear so I’m ready!)

I’ve learned some friends have different expectations for me now.  One told me, after I texted him a negative comment, that I should be the positive one in the relationship – because I’m a writer I can envision a better future.  (We were discussing the Mets- even I can’t be that positive.)

Since then I’ve become more careful in tweets/emails/texts I write.  I double check them for errors.  I debate whether to write “ur” or ‘you’re’ in texts, I make sure the apostrophes are in place in emails, I struggle to make tweets grammatically correct in those 140 characters.

So, I was so mad at myself when I wrote a post on a mystery yahoo group I’m in and I made a grammatical error.  I didn’t notice it, of course, until I posted it.  Then I deleted it, or I thought I did and was dismayed to see in the daily email that it was still there!  What must my fellow writers think!


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