Free for all Friday

Exclamation points!  Seinfeld did a great episode about some people’s overuse or inappropriate use of exclamation points.

I think some people on Twitter need to be reminded of this (I”m talking to you Mike Piazza.  I love you but every sentence you write on Twitter doesn’t need an exclamation or more.)

I was reminded of this issue while reviewing twitter this morning.  Another former Met, Orel Hershiser, is another offender.  MLB retweeted his tweet on Dr Jobe’s death (the surgeon who invented Tommy John surgery),  his first Dr Jobe tweet contained 5 exclamation points, the next 3, then 1, then back to 3, then 4 again.  Dr Jobe changed the careers of countless pitchers.  But I think a RIP tweet should have a little less shouting in it.  Reviewing Hershiser’s timeline on Twitter, shows he’s a repeat offender.   

Frank Viola, former Mets pitcher and now an instructor at Mets Spring Training, had a more appropriate RIP tweet and the use of only one exclamation point.  A review of ‘Dr Jobe’ tweets show a more appropriate list of tweets to the passing of a man who changed baseball.

Happy Friday!!!   (Yes, TGIF needs to be shouted!)




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